Flashers, cursers face bans on PS4 and Xbox One Damn!!

It's as Unevitable as cat gifs: Put a microphone in front of a large group of people and someone's going to spew obscenities. Put a camera in front of that group and someone's gonna strip.

But if you do so on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, be ready to face the consequences.

Twitch, Sony's live streaming partner for the PS4, has banned a handful of users for streaming inappropriate content. Among the offenders is a couple who exposed themselves while streaming a play session of the built-in PS4 game The Playroom.

Another banned user got the boot not for showing body parts, but for hosting an impromptu call-in show to auction off their PS3. Among the callers? Adam Boyes, head of publisher relations for Sony.

Members of the NeoGaf forum report having seen others PS4 users brandish guns and perform sex acts during live streams.

And that’s not okay with Twitch.

"Twitch has a very strict terms of service policy," the service told Kotaku in a statement. "We are very vigilant about removing content that breaks the TOS guidelines and depending on the severity of the violation we will either ban or suspend accounts. In addition to our own efforts, the Twitch community is unique in that it likes to flag content they suspect or know is a breach of our TOS. Like any social network from YouTube to Facebook, there will always be a very small minority of users who attempt to circumvent the rules."

The Xbox One doesn't yet stream live video, but some users who have uploaded game clips have found themselves facing temporary bans due to the amount of profanity that appears in those videos.
"Excessive profanity and other Code of Conduct violations will be enforced upon. On Xbox One, we have a more sophisticated system of enforcement," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET. "As a result, if someone misbehaves on the service, we may only suspend some of their privileges on Xbox Live such as access to certain apps or use of certain features."

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