Natural Beauty Tips for Pimples(Africa Mystery)

Rustling up a natural skin care regime from the kitchen is quite simple. A dash of this and a pinch of that and voila, you are on the road to clear skin. Dealing with breakouts via natural methods is not only easy, it can be effective and economical.

Nip Pimples in the Bud

Oily skin is a breeding ground for pimples. Try freshening with witch hazel throughout the day. The antiseptic properties cleanse and tone without destroying the skin's natural acid mantle, which is a filmlike barrier created by sebum produced by oil glands. Malfunctioning oil glands that overproduce sebum cause this protective barrier to go awry by clogging clean pores with oil, and clogged pores evolve into pimples. Stripping excess oil with harsh soaps and toners containing high levels of alcohol is a common skincare mistake; the skin automatically responds to stripping by upping oil production. Witch hazel freshens skin and reduces oil. Witch hazel is a simple, inexpensive and natural step toward keeping pimples under better control.

Pimple Control

  Pimple eradication requires consistent care. Extracting debris and bacteria from pores is a necessary step. Avoiding harsh techniques reduces the possibility of lifelong scars. Coax the pores open with a warm washcloth or gentle steam. Cleanse the face before working on pimples and wrap your fingers in cotton before applying pressure to the affected spot. Breakouts spread under unsanitary conditions, so wash your hands before working on the face and sterilize any tools to avoid contamination. Sleep on clean pillowcases and avoid touching your face unnecessarily throughout the day.

Pimple Eradication

 Reducing acne breakouts requires consistency. Cleanse the face each morning and evening without skipping a day. Add special treatments to enhance the routine. A baking soda paste unclogs congested pores by drawing out impurities and excess oil. Simple to use, baking soda is most likely already tucked away in your kitchen. Start your treatment by teasing open pores with warm water and a little steam. Create the paste from one tablespoon of soda and a few drops of distilled water. Apply as a mask, avoiding the eye area and lips. Leave your treatment on for five to 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Mist with witch hazel to tone. Use one to two times per week until skin clears; reduce or discontinue if skin begins to flake.

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