Christed Records @christedrecords signs 3 artist and DJ |@iamCYLENT @iammodallas @CorbanKamikaze @Djay_Drexx

Nigeria gospel music recording label,  Christed Records has signed 3 artist Cylent, Modallas, Corban, and DJ Drex to its roaster.  The signing was made at ATC CLUB annual youth camp ` Catchfire 2016'.  We are honoured to welcome this dynamic artist and DJ to the christed family  '' shares ' YoungGod of Christ Rydaz.  The bring so much energy, purpose  and creativity offering to our value roaster.  They are already reaching their audience effectively and making an impact in lives across  the country with great music.  The christed Records empire is now home to artist such as Ottovonpablo  Christ Rydaz,  Corban,  Modallas,  Cylent and DJ DREX.

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